Пересвет Discovery - туры по Норильску


Founded in 1935
Norilsk has challenged the very possibility of building a city in the extreme conditions of the North. It has become a world-class industrial center and one of the largest Arctic cities. And what else do we know about Norilsk?

One of the most northern cities in the world

  • -11°C average temperature in a year

The first house in Norilsk

  • Museum of exploration expeditions N.N. Urvantsev - 1921

The city is built on permafrost

  • The depth of frost penetration up to 500 meters

The door to the amazing country of canyons and waterfalls

  • The Putorana Plateau
  • The Red stones waterfall

The city owes its existence to the Taimyr deposits of base and precious metals. Norilsk was built in two dimensions - at once overground and underground. It's still closely tied to the mining and metallurgy industries today.

Today, it is planned to make a qualitative change in the environmental situation - the desire to make a unique Arctic city worthy of the nature reserve of Taimyr. You'll see it and feel it. Be with us.


The Putorana plateau

Land of lava, canyons, lakes and waterfalls
This program is dedicated to exploring the Putorana Plateau. Putorana Plateau is a unique lava plateau with the landscapes resembling New Zealand or Tierra del Fuego! Here you will see mountains, lakes, canyons, turbulent rivers and waterfalls. This is one of the last corners of the virgin, untouched nature in the whole world! You’ll walk on the frozen lava and in wild tundra, fishing in the clean water of the lakes, having a bath and visiting an ethnic camp.
Tour program
The main zest of this program is a two-day excursion on off-road vehicles through the most impassible places of tundra and rafting along the turbulent rivers of Taimyr! You will see the canyon “Red Stones” with Mars landscapes and waterfalls. You will test yourself on the fascinating high-speed rafting on the crystal-clean water of the Valyok river. You will also take part in a two-day trip on quad bikes, there will also be an interesting cycle route where you will get acquainted with the life and culture of Nenets, aboriginal people.
Tour program
When is it the best time to travel in the mysterious north in order to enjoy fully its charm and greatness? Of course, in the winter! It is in winter that you can see the polar lights, experience snowmobile tour, ice fishing and winter hunting! Don’t worry, it will not be cold in this permafrost: cozy hotels, a bath, hot tea and overnight stay in a real aboriginal tent (plague). You will also see the canyon of Red Stones with bizarre rocks and turbulent streams of waterfalls frozen in the snow.
Tour program


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